ICP meeting: Day 3

Hanzhang Lu: CVR as a candidate biomarker in vascular cognitive impairment: the MarkVCID Consortium experience

Nic Blockley on behalf of Ahlam Alzaidi: Preliminary data for using hyperoxia and multiparametric qBOLD to estimate the oxygen extraction fraction

Kevin Murphy on behalf of Hannah Chandler: Increased brain oxygen metabolism and oxygen extraction in patients with cystic fibrosis

Eleonara Patitucci: Single image super resolution reconstruction of susceptibility maps for improved vessel segmentation and oxygen saturation estimation

Zacharie Potvin-Jutras: Sex differences in the effects of physical activity on cerebrovascular reactivity

Julia Huck: Vascular and metabolic changes in individuals with and without the ApoE  ε4 allele

John Wood on behalf of Joseph Liu: Automated cerebral blood flow metrology and physiology in anesthetized children using phase contrast MRI

Zhiyi Hu: Macrovascular-supressed ASL MRI in neonates; quantification of cerebral blood flow and arterial transit time

Emma Hafkamp: Something different; how can we modulate our own physiology?

Jeroen Siero: Silent MRI using an ultra-sonic gradient coil

Vanja Curcic: From microscopy data to hemodynamic simulations; a vascular graph approach to understand the fMRI signal formation

Marius Burman Ingeberg: Estimating the viscoelastic properties of the human brain using intrinsic MRE and nonlinear inversion at 7T

Emiel C.A. Roefs: Velocity selective Arterial Spin Labelling at 7T

Jurgen Claassen: Cerebral autoregulation in the clinic and all the way to outer space!