Code & Docs

The seeVR matlab code can be downloaded from the Github link below. Several seeVR functions make use of Matlabs parallel computing toolbox; if you don’t have this, then you will have to do some fishing to replace the ‘parfor’ loops with the standard ‘for’ loop. I would advise to then go make yourself a pot of coffee, because things might take a while! Also, the statistics toolbox and wavelet toolboxes are recommended. Wherever possible I have also added alternative implementations where the native functions might not be available. If you find errors, bugs, speedbumps or would like to see something else explained or implemented, please contact me directly via the contact form/email – and of course, feel free to start your own branch at Github to build on the code that is there. 

The seeVR toolbox is in many ways inspired by great publications and sometimes relies on Matlab packages that I myself did not write – for more info see the credits page.