2023 ICP Network Meeting Utrecht

Presentations and abstracts are now online - click the links below

Hey ChatGTP, write me a poem about a cerebral physiology conference happening in Utrecht



In the heart of Utrecht, where canals weave, A symposium of minds, a place to believe. Cerebral pathways, a conference's theme, Where neurons dance, and ideas gleam.

Scientists gather in halls of insight, In the city's embrace, where knowledge takes flight. Utrecht's whispers blend with scholarly words, As cerebral physiology's story unfurls.

Lectures echo in historic halls, Where centuries whisper from ancient walls. In the cradle of learning, where insights swirl, A cerebral physiology conference in Utrecht, the pearl.

Neuroscientists, thinkers, minds profound, In the pursuit of understanding, they're bound. Through synapses firing, connections grow, In the landscape of learning, their passion aglow.

The Dom Tower watches over with grace, As brains collaborate in a scholarly space. From gray matter discussions to pathways curled, Utrecht hosts the symphony of the cerebral world.

Graphs and diagrams on projection screens, A dance of data, where insight leans. In the city's canals, reflections twirl, A cerebral physiology conference in Utrecht, the intellectual pearl.

Coffee breaks hum with discussions intense, A mingling of thoughts, a scholarly sense. In the Dutch air, where ideas take swirl, Brains converge in Utrecht, the cerebral hub.

Workshops delve into the intricate design, Of the mind's symphony, complex and fine. In the city's rhythm, where bicycles twirl, Cerebral physiology finds its intellectual whirl.

As the conference winds down, in the twilight's hue, Utrecht's embrace lingers, a scholarly view. In the echoes of lectures, where insights swirl,

Cerebral physiology leaves its mark in Utrecht, the intellectual pearl.

On-site Committee
Alex Bhogal (Chair)
Wouter Schellekens

Organizing Committee
Lena Vaclavu
Stefano Moia
Mario Gilberto Baez-Yanez
Manus Donahue
Claudine Gauthier
Hanzhang Lu