ICP meeting: Day 2

Lydiane Hirschler: Imaging techniques to assess the CSF-mediated brain clearance system in humans

Ellen van Hulst: Quantifying Cardiac-Induced Brain Tissue Deformations Using DENSE MRI: Insights from an Observational Study

Manon Schipper: Does a manual determined threshold bias quantitative perivascular spaces measurements based on the Frangi vesselness filter?

Lotte van der Voort: CO2 as an engine for neurofluid flow: exploring the coupling between vascularreactivity, brain clearance and changes in tissue properties

Lori Donaldson: Age-related differences in emotional fMRI responses after accounting for cerebrovascular reactivity decline

Dinil Sasi Sankaralayam: Impact of caffeine on cerebrovascular reactivity in caffeine-naïve healthy adults

Beatriz Padrela: Blood-brain barrier permeability measured with ASL differs between cognitive stages and amyloid status

Zixuan Lin: Non-contrast imaging of BBB permeability and its clinical application

Stephanie Forkel: Mapping brain connections; from anatomy to the clinic

Elisa Zamboni: Mapping curvature domains in human V4 using CBV-sensitive layer-fMRI at 3T

Hendrik Mattern: Combining vessel distance mapping and non-negative matrix factorization to identify arterial and venous patterns in the putamen

Wesley Richardson: Detectability of white matter perfusion across flow territories when using arterial spin labelling MRI: Impact of hematocrit and bolus arrival times

Mathijs B.J. Dijsselhof: Cerebral blood flow as an intermediary between cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health: results from the Insight46 study

Blaise Frederick: Using resting state fMRI to study everything but neural activity + the mysteious growing sLFO's!